Service Area: Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford and Ladysmith.

… And all of a sudden, it’s December. The holidays will be here very soon. Before you get caught up in
the festivities there are a few lawn and garden chores you should do before winter arrives.

Prepare Equipment and Tools for Winter Storage

Following the recommendations in the owner’s manual, attend to the fuel, oil, batteries, cleaning, blade sharpening, etc. Cover and store in a dry place. Wash, remove rust and disinfect garden tools. Lightly oil the cutting surfaces and store in a dry location.


Your hose is the last tool to be put away for the winter. After the leaves have fallen, but before the ground freezes, give your shrubs and trees a final deep watering to last through the winter. When you have finished, unhook and drain the hose. After it has dried out, roll up and put the ends together to prevent insects from moving in for the winter. Store in a dry place, off the ground.

Leaf Removal

If you still have leaves on your grass, now is a good time to take care of them. A thick covering of leaves left on your lawn is bad for the health, growth, and appearance of your grass. If you need help with removal, please contact Grass Roots for an estimate.

Winterizer Fertilizer

You still have time to apply a Winterizer to your lawn. It is a fertilizer treatment designed to work beneath the surface. It helps your lawn survive the winter and encourages the roots to grow strong and deep. The stored nutrients will give you a head start in the spring by promoting growth and giving your
lawn a fast spring green-up.

Grass Roots in the Community

We are proud that we have been involved with a special local charitable organization, The Fairy Godmother Project, since 2011. The Fairy Godmother Project helps families in the Fredericksburg area that have a child battling pediatric cancer.

The first part of their mission is to give the gift of time. They do this by easing the burden of domestic tasks by providing cooking, cleaning, lawn care, running errands, etc. Thus freeing up time for the families to be together. They also offer emotional and financial support by supplying gas and grocery cards and helping pay bills.

The second part of their mission is to provide the families with photo sessions donated by professional photographers. Sadly, part 3 of their mission is to support families facing the end of life.

Over the years we have provided lawn care free of charge to many of the families in the Fairy Godmother Project. It has been an honor to help these strong families during such a difficult time.

At this time of year, you may be looking for a deserving organization to contribute to or to volunteer your time. This is a wonderful group worthy of your consideration. We respectfully ask that you consider supporting the Fairy Godmother Project. Thank you.

We are all very grateful to you for choosing Grass Roots to care for your lawn this past year. We are looking forward to serving you in 2022.

holiday season

Warmest Wishes for a happy and healthy holiday from the Grass Roots Lawn and Landscaping team.