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Fall has arrived and so has the best time of year to take care of your lawn and landscaping. We have talked about why it is such a good time to rejuvenate your lawn and soil at this time of year. But did you know that Fall is also the perfect time for planting trees, shrubs, hardy perennials and fall flowers such as mums, asters, pansies and ornamental cabbage and kale?

Fall Planting

Most people want to revive and beautify their property in the Spring. The nurseries are filled with gorgeous plants and flowers. Everyone has been inside all winter and they want to get out and add some color to their landscape. Spring is a great time to plant, but Fall is the optimum season for many trees, shrubs and hardy perennials. Here are a few reasons why:

Fall Planting

  1. The air temperature is cooler, there is less stress on plants and you.
  2. The soil is still warm, and roots will grow quickly until the ground freezes.
  3. Less weeds and diseases to fight.
  4. Fall planting allows 3-4 months for grass, trees and plants to become established before the ground freezes.
  5. The plant is focusing all its energy into root development.
  6. Plants will have a head start on growth for the Spring.

Spring Planting

  1. The soil takes longer to warm up, so root growth is slower.
  2. Plants have to divide their energy into 2 areas, root growth and blooming.
  3. Much more competition from weeds, insects and diseases.
  4. Spring planting only allows 2-3 months for the plant’s root system to become established before the summer heat.

Think about planting this Fall and get the jump on Spring. Please contact us with any questions you have about Fall planting.

Fall Bucket List

Make a list of activities you would like to do this Fall. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Go on a walk or hike           Take a scenic drive             Tell stories around a fire
Roast marshmallows          Pick apples                           Make soup or chili
Carve a pumpkin                 Plant fall flowers                  Have your lawn aerated
Fertilize your lawn               Try a new recipe                  Visit a Farmer’s Market
Make a fall craft                   Put down grass seed          Camp in your backyard
Have a picnic                        Make s’mores                       Fall Yard Clean Up
Top Dress your lawn           Enjoy a fall drink                 Decorate home for Fall


Too done? Not enough? Just right?

Happy Fall!