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We can soon say goodbye to the heat and humidity of the past few months. Most of us are looking forward to some relief, especially for our lawns. This summer we had record-breaking heat in July and record-breaking rain in August. Our lawns have been severely stressed resulting in brown patches and weeds. Fortunately, fall is the best time to repair and restore your lawn and garden.

A beautiful, healthy spring lawn requires preparation in the fall. The “Big 3” treatments are Core-Aeration, Over-Seeding and Fertilization. The combination of these 3 services will improve the health and quality of your lawn. There is another beneficial treatment that you may not be as familiar with, Top Dressing.

Top Dressing

Top Dressing was originally performed on golf courses, dating back to 1875. Because of the great benefits Top Dressing offers it is becoming more popular with homeowners. Dr. James Beard, Author and Past President and Chief Scientist of the International Sports Turf Institute has said, “No other practice but Top Dressing has such an immediate and positive impact on the health of the grass.”

Q: What is Top Dressing?

A: Top Dressing is the process of applying a very thin layer of organic matter, such as compost or another soil amendment to the surface of the lawn. The material is spread evenly, typically ¼”– ½” thick, then settles down onto the existing soil.

Q: What are the benefits of Top Dressing your lawn?

A: The benefits of Top Dressing are:

Improves soil structure and quality.

Increases organic matter in the soil.

Creates a better growing environment for the grass.

Provides needed nutrients.

Reduces thatch.

Helps with moisture retention.

Can help smooth out small surface irregularities in the lawn.

Over time Top Dressing applications will modify the soil profile, creating living soil that enables grass to grow healthy, thick and strong.

Top Dressing is most effective when used in conjunction with Core Aeration and Over Seeding.

Additional praise for Top Dressing:

Kelly Burke of “The Spruce” wrote “Top Dressing’s benefits are so numerous it’s hard to understand why it is not the foundation for every lawn care program.” Also “Adding organic matter to a lawn by top dressing is arguably the most beneficial cultural practice that the science of lawn care has to offer.”

If you have any questions about fall lawn care, and our fall services, please contact us. This is a great time to talk about what we can do for your lawn. Sign up for an estimate.

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